Potato, Caviar and Creme Fraiche Monday…

2010/08/17 § Leave a comment

I have one thing in mind when craving for a luxurious breakfast on weekends or on a free day, without meat or anything processed and without cutting up things, stirring, beating or taking out too many pots, pans and utensils for breakfast – Potato, crème fraiche (or sour cream – whatever is on hand) and inexpensive lumpfish caviar.


Just boil the potato in salted water.  When it’s done, cut in half (or cut like medallions).  Scrape the top a bit.  Slather with crème fraiche (or sour cream).  Add dollops of caviar.  A sprinkling of chives can also add color and that subtle zing.  Easy.

This doesn’t just work for breakfast, of course.  One can have it for lunch or dinner.  But I do not suggest this as food that should be taken on the go or when you’re rushing out the front door for work or for a meeting.  This dish is meant to be savored.  To be eaten slowly.  Letting the salty roe taste mingle with the creamy sourness of the crème fraiche or sour cream and the earthy, full taste of the potatoes.   This is a dish meant for days when you just want to close your eyes and say “mmmm….”  When simplicity is pure luxury.  When you just want to say a prayer of thanks for nature and its infinite goodness….


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