BitterSWEET Coffee

2010/08/29 § Leave a comment


Bittersweet Coffee Shop at 180 Dekalb Ave

I like coffee.  But  don’t drink it everyday.  (Except when in Paris, where I have my daily shot of espresso).  I don’t drink coffee at home, except when hosting a party.  And I certainly don’t like coffee in a plastic container.  Don’t like my coffee on the go.  I want to sit and savor it (even for an espresso…I like lingering, and watching people, or contemplating the scene and scenery).  Like it in porcelain or china cups.  With dessert.  After dinner.  At breakfast or brunch.  And I only drink my coffee hot.  Black.  Sans sucre.  Unless I see those rough sugar cubes or pure, unprocessed sugar crystals, that I so love.  Which I then add with abandon to cup of coffee.

But things change.

One day, a good friend stayed over and asked for Starbucks.  Which does not exist in my tiny neighborhood.  So we trekked to a darling hole-in-the-wall coffee shop  that I’ve heard so many good things about.  Had no high hope or expectations for my friend.  She ordered an iced latte and sipped.  She said it was good.  After the second sip, she said it was very, very good.  Halfway through – she said it’s one of the best iced latte she’s ever had and she’s drank a lot.  Curious, I took a sip.  And was pleasantly surprised.  At the creamy, wholesome goodness.  The rich, strong coffee flavor that was somehow refreshing.  It was not cloying or bitter (And I like my hot coffee a bit bitter).

It was perfect.  And addicting.

My friend began to crave for it.  I started finding excuses to walk about….so I can drop by the shop and get one.  Until I found myself just happily carrying this plastic container filled with ice, milk and espresso everyday….and walking to the park while  sipping and indulging in it.  This was indeed my new summer pleasure.


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