Foie Gras and Truffle Burger, Champagne and Mignardises at DB Bistro Moderne

2010/10/09 § 1 Comment

I have been so absolutely swamped since I came home that I haven’t had the chance to finish writing my summer dining posts. Christmas is in the air and it comes earlier in the Philippines than anywhere else.  Christmas carols are played everywhere once the ber months start.  And I am not half-way done with my summer features.

I also have many Philippine experiences to write about but because of my impossible schedule, I have accepted the fact that I might still be writing about summer in winter and vice versa.  Unless, by some luck or providence, I actually find free time to catch up soon.

This at least is a short one that I know I can finish and strike off the ever-mounting list.

I hold a soft spot for DB Bistro Moderne.   It was the first ever restaurant I went to in New York City.  Several years ago, I was flown in to New York for a job interview. It was my first time in the City.  I made a list of restaurants I wanted to go to after my interview that were within walking distance of the office.  I had yet to learn to use the subway and I wanted to see part of the city on foot.

Topping my list in the Midtown West area was DB Moderne.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am not a “burger” person.  But I simply had to try the DB Burger – which is a sirloin burger filled with red wine-braised short ribs, black truffle and foie gras torchon, served on a parmesan bun with a silver cup of pommes frites or pommes soufflees.

DB Bistro Moderne Foie Gras Burger

I made my way to the restaurant which was quite empty as it was in the middle of the afternoon.  The waiter was very nice to me (and maybe because I’ve read and heard so much about New York being a city of rude people, etc almost like Paris) that he actually convinced me to order a Champagne half-bottle in anticipation of a job I have yet to get an offer for.  I guess I was already half-giddy from being in New York, coming from an interview that I thought went well (and it did, as I got an offer in a couple of days)  and being in a Daniel Bouloud restaurant.  So I just went crazy and thought I might as well have champagne at three in the afternoon with my sirloin, truffles and foie gras burger.

I so enjoyed my burger, pommes frites and champagne and declined the offer of dessert.  But waiter  came out with a plateful of mignardises with a chocolate -inscribed “Congratulations!” on the plate, compliments of the house, that really touched me.  I thought it was so sweet of him and the restaurant to give me such encouragement after I said that I was in New York for a job interview.  So I stayed on some more, savoring my beautiful tiny cakes, cookies, macarons and chocolate truffles and the free cup of coffee.  It was a wonderful welcome to the Big City.

Mascarpone Panna Cotta. Lemon Curd. Verbena Meringue. Mixed Berry Sorbet.

I went back many, many times since for the burger but because I was usually with J, a friend or a group of people, I never got the chance again to actually chat with a/the waiter.

Butternut Squash Risotto with Wild Mushrooms

Last time I was there was in September with a good friend.  We had salad, a seafood appetizer (which I can’t quite describe accurately now because I didn’t take  photos of them), butternut squash risotto, fish dish, mascarpone panna cotta and assiette de fromages.  I am happy that even after many years, their quality has remained the same and the food is as enjoyable and delectable as ever.   And the service is also unfailingly polite.

I will have to pencil in Daniel, the flagship restaurant, in my list of restaurants to go to in the very near future.  It has recently been awarded another Michelin star to bump it into the 3-star category.  Well done, Chef !

Ah…more and more dreams to reach for.


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