Grey Skies and Rainy Days

2010/10/12 § Leave a comment

I love the falling rain and grey and gloomy days.  If I can just stay at home to snuggle in bed, drink  tea and stare at the skies, that is.  I have been so utterly tired the past weeks from all the meetings. And presentations.  And strategizing.   And writing.  And revising.  And so on.  And so forth.  Work is very, very exciting and I can’t wait to see the fruition of all these efforts but I’m tired now.  So I’m thankful for the softness and blurriness of the world when it rains.  Everything seems out of focus and hazy.  It makes me forget for a minute that deadlines are looming and things have to be done.  Pronto.

So…I’ll savor the minute.  And snuggle some more…brew some tea… bite into pains au chocolat…read my magazines….revel in the mess….listen to the raindrops….and watch the rain fall….


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