Polka Dot Rooms, Pink Shoes, Macarons and Sparklers

2010/11/09 § 1 Comment

Ever wonder how your mind starts wandering off to neverland when you have  deadlines to meet?  Happens to me all the time.  I take a break for a minute or two…minutes turning into hours sometimes….and hours just turn into dreams {when one falls asleep} and a complete nightmare {when one wakes to find there is even less time now to finish work}.

And have you ever wondered how what you think of when under stress and needing to finish something a.s.a.p. just becomes more and more fantastical and have nothing to do anymore with what is realistic and possible ?   I suddenly want to go dancing when I’m so busy (even when I rarely do when I have the time)….but then I think I want to go dancing in a French Polka Dot Salon…

…and in pink satin Chanel shoes with lace florets…{now if only somebody will tell me where to find a polka dot salon and how to afford those frou-frou shoes?}

And then I think I really want to go out with my friends (because that’s seriously the last thing you can do when beating a deadline).  And no humdrum going out either…I’m thinking of going out and celebrating with sparklers and a cake of stacked macarons and lots of lovely wine and champagne and merriment and laughter.  What occasion would merit all those, I wonder?  A beaten deadline, surely!   Deadlines met and all sorts of harrowing problems solved is most certainly a cause for much celebration.  And when one celebrates, might as well celebrate in style.

And why not parade around town, under strings of paper flowers and drink up the sunshine and the wild air – that one has sorely missed closeted in dark rooms and high buildings and traffic while running from one errand to another or reading tons of documents and dealing with crazy issues?

Ah…well.  My two minutes is up.  I still have many more miles to go….before I can do any of the things I’m dreaming of.  Much more work to do, many more problems to solve and so much more prayers to offer.  The deadline is not…yet….beaten.  (But it will be!)   Still…..it was nice to look at the photos, non?

(Photos from This is Glamorous and Cherry Blossom Girl)


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