The Christmas Wishlist…

2010/11/14 § 3 Comments

I know it’s a bit too early but I’m giving everyone time to save up…and no, it’s not Ms. Dior.  I just loved the boxes and the ribbons and the peonies….

A Pedro de Leana  perfume is first on my list. I don’t wear scents often.  I’m quite sensitive to scents and there are very few I can wear without getting sick.  I can only tolerate  light, fresh scents.  Vetiver.  Lavande.  All one-note.  No complexity or mystery whatsoever. “The Emperor of Scent” by Chandler Burr was a very, very interesting read so I made an effort to go and check the perfumes he listed as noteworthy.  I wasn’t enamoured enough by any of them. Then  I found this obscure perfume at Takashimaya on 5th Avenue.  I saw the Leana  perfumes lined up on the shelf and loved their names – Libertad, Amistad, Alegría, Inspiración, Prosperidad, Perseverancia, Meditación, Amor, Lujuria. “Does sensation have a smell?” it says.  I was intrigued.  These were perfumes based on feelings rather than aromas.

I tried each one of them, hoping I would love some more than others.  And I did love one,  just one,  to the exception of others.  It was the last one  I wanted to choose though (based on their names).  I was hoping to love “Love.”  Amor.  Alas, it was too sweet and cloying for me.  Then I thought it would be hot to go around perfumed in a scent meant to evoke “Lust.”  Lujuria.  Did not work for me either.  I would have settled for “Inspiration” or “Joy.”  No good.  Okay , what about “Meditation” or “Freedom” or “Friendship” or “Perseverance!”  Non, non, non.  The one scent I couldn’t get out of my mind and  thoughts was “Prosperity.”  I went back several times to try it on.  To see how it settles on my skin after hours of wear.  It suited me.  I listed reasons for not getting it  – price, infrequency of wear, and bottle design.  I didn’t like the bottle.  It looked too…utilitarian.  So I held off purchase.   One day, I read the news that the beloved store, Takashimaya, was going to close.  The perfume isn’t sold anywhere else but there and in Spain.  So…I went to try it once more.  And finally succumbed.

Prosperidad is based on the scent of “oxygen-rich interiors of private jets, the leather upholstery of luxurious cars, cashmere and fine wool, the wax and wood and antique furniture inside old mansions,”  and so on.  I thought it was too material and materialistic.  I shuddered at having been attracted to it in the first place.  But diligent research have unearthed that beyond the power and the social symbols associated with the scents used – the essence of the perfume is abundance.  Ah, abundance.  I love abundance.  So I felt better about it.  And I have been so in love with it, I’ve been wearing it almost everyday.  I do feel very blessed and rich lately.  Not so much with material wealth but  with the company of friends and family, the help of so many people, lots of good food and good times and good wishes.  What more can one ask for?

Well, I am asking and wishing for another bottle.  Or two.  Pedro de Leana perfumes were sold only in Takashimaya and nowhere else.  What shall I do now that my beloved Takashimaya is gone?!  Is anyone traveling in/to Spain and dropping by Leana Spa in Murcia?  Please, please be so kind as to get me a bottle of “Prosperidad.”  Or if you find it anywhere else – please send it to me par avion et pronto!

And having spent too many paragraphs on just one wish, mangling spanish and french in the process, I’ll have to write down the rest of the list in another post.

Have a good, blessed and abundant week, everyone!

{Photos from Haute Design and This is Glamorous}



§ 3 Responses to The Christmas Wishlist…

  • jdw says:

    Too utilitarian!!?? Hah.

  • Karlo says:

    Wait, what? Takashimaya closed? Sayang. Well, do they sell it in Tokyo?

    • Yes! A shocker, indeed. Takashimaya on 5th Ave closed in June. Really sad. It was my favorite store in all of New York City. I loved their tea salon as well, where I get my dose of macha. The press release for the fragrance only talks about the exclusive distributorship in NYC. I guess we have to go to Murcia now…

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