The {Real} Christmas Wishlist….

2010/11/17 § 2 Comments

Here is the continuation of my Wishlist…

Shiseido Luminizer –  Shiseido has, for over 20 years, remedied and covered up innumerable sins committed against my skin.  Lack of sleep, too much sun, too little water, too many radicals, not enough exercise and unbelievable amount of stress – have all taken a toll on what was once young and radiant skin.  That I could still go out looking such sometimes is a testament to the gentle but effective power of Shiseido skincare and make-up.  After discovering the Luminizer, I don’t think I can live without it ever again.  I doubt I’ll get enough of this truly magical product….if a hundred  friends decided to gift me this, I have no intention of giving even one away.

Soy Candles (Altru Harmony and Kobo Red Grass) –  I love candles.  And candlelight.  For some reason, I get headaches with naked flourescent light.  I also don’t like overhead lights so I put my lamps on the floor and use lots of candles at night.  I think it’s a throwback to growing up in the province.  After dinner, not much activity is done except for a walk to the plaza (supposedly to exercise away what we ate).  Then we sit outside, talking, and staring at the stars, the night perfumed with jasmine.  I seldom see stars in the city.  That’s because there is so much artificial light.  It is a truly enchanting thing when the sky is filled with diamonds.  I still have my starry nights in the province.  In the city, I like to escape from the harsh life and the harsh lights by sitting in stillness and dining with candles and watching the flickering fire, reminding me of the brilliant stars against the dark sky.  And because living in buildings also cuts me off from air perfumed by rosal and sampaguita and grass and monsoon rains….I can only recreate this with scented candles.  Scented soy candles.   My two absolute favorites are  Harmony by Altru and Red Grass by Kobo.  Harmony is an earthy citrus inspired by Japanese tanenashi persimmon while Red Grass is inspired by fresh cut grass, rhubarb and vetiver.  City life is made much better with these lights and  scents that remind me of the stars and the earth  and the air of the province that I miss so much.

McKenzie & Childs Enamelware –   I clearly remember the ubiquitous white enamelware with the blue border.    It was the dinnerware of choice for trips to the beach, the farm and the fishpond.  It was low-maintenance and sturdy.  I didn’t like it so much then because it rusts so I thought it was unclean and ugly.  As a child, I must have also found the blue-bordered white ware utterly boring.  But we all grow up.  With the advent of plastic plates and spoons and forks – I started realizing that enamelware wasn’t so bad after all.   Even if it was the equivalent of disposable dinnerware at that time – it, at least, has heft and weight.  I can’t take plastics (I would rather wash dishes than serve food in plastic ones at home).  Those blue and white enamelware I dismissed are now vintage collectors item and new ones have sprouted that I so dearly covet.  The handpainted ones from McKenzie & Childs leave me drooling and wishing to be gifted with an entire line.  I so love  Courtly Check as it makes me think of Alice in Wonderland.  All black and white checks, red, gold and wonderfully exaggerated.  Why, I would believe in more than six impossible things before breakfast when dining on these plates and saucers!

A Trip to the Spa – need I say more about this?

The list goes on and on, of course.  But I’ll stop here.

Nevertheless, any and all gifts that come my way are most certainly welcome!


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§ 2 Responses to The {Real} Christmas Wishlist….

  • Karlo says:

    Hmmm… My Christmas wish list is more high-tech, and definitely less romantic. lol

    1. Kindle – because I like to read in bed and books are often too heavy or unwieldy when lying down.
    2. A Kitchen-Aid stand mixer – because I want to start experimenting with baking.
    3. A new, bigger TV for the living room – ’nuff said.

    • Karlo, I’m so glad you actually replied with a list! I do want everything in your list as well. But I tried to come up with stuff that people can ACTUALLY give me. Ha ha ha.

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