Back in New York…

2010/11/23 § Leave a comment


It was grey and chilly when I landed in JFK.  Just as I was wishing for.  I love arriving in places that look completely different from where I came.  From the heat of Manila to the chill of New York.  Even when I’ve lived in New York long enough and live most part of the year in the US – I always think of it as a new place to explore.  I get really excited to go home to Manila and the province.  Just as I am really excited to be back in New York.  There seems to be a never-ending list of things to do and list of things I haven’t done.

And so I woke up thinking of the many things I wanted to do today.  I especially wanted to drop by H&M for the launch of its Lanvin collection.

And to go walking around the city.

Then I thought I needed to go to the grocery as ref and pantry are all empty after being away for two months.  I’ve missed all the deli and the grocers.  Then I realized that Thanksgiving is coming up in one day and I have not made any sort of preparations whatsoever.  I need a menu.  I was supposed to fly out and join relatives…but plans were derailed by work.  Lots of work to do. Which requires me to stay put in the city for now, at least.

And I have yet to unpack my suitcases, clean the apartment that has accumulated tons of dust over my two-month absence, wash dishes, do laundry, sort out mail, etc.

Ah….the list keeps getting longer and longer.  I have to add catching up on my favorite shows – Outdoor Room with Jamie Dhurie, Ina Garten & Guiada de Laurentiis‘ cooking shows, Futbol channel, and more.

And dining out, of course.

But jetlag is taking over…and I slip in and out of sleep.  Now the day is almost done.  Night has fallen and I can see the lights all across Manhattan.  Everything will have to wait for tomorrow.


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