Happy Thanksgiving!

2010/11/26 § Leave a comment

It’s a still and quiet Thanksgiving morning.   From my window, I can see a solitary chimney spew white puffs of smoke and a flock of birds tumble and draw circles against the grey sky.  It’s too cold and beautiful to get up from bed.  So this is a perfect time to recount all the wonderful events of the year…

…meeting new friends,  get-togethers with old friends, brunches and dinner parties in Chicago, trips to Manila, days of card games with family, the pristine air of the province, celebrations in Hongkong, coming back to New York, getting a kiss and an autograph from Bono (yes, the rockstar),  meeting much missed former officemates for brunch and drinks, lots of engagement/wedding news from friends, a business to start,  a friend to start a business with, friends who joined in the business, a friend who checked in with me to chat and  talk everyday  to make sure I was fine.  Reconnecting with more friends from gradeschool and highschool and college.  Friends who came to visit.  Friends who kept me company… for afternoon tea and bookstore dates.  Footie watching in beer gardens, Chinatown reflexology and Lower East Side treks.  Walkabouts  and lunches around town.  Sleepovers in Westchester with adorable dogs. Museum visits and wonderful Szechuan and Cantonese cuisine.  5th and Madison Avenue oglings.  Central Park and Brooklyn meanderings.  Outdoor movies, rooftop drinks, wine and cheese nights at home.  Long chats, underground clubs and more unforgettable dining adventures.  Friends who organized gatherings for me.  Mahjong outings.  Steak lunches and fancy dinners.  Spa and beach trips.  Family that’s constantly, constantly there.  Quiet company.  Understanding.  Support.

Not everything’s been rosy.  There are more things I would rather forget  (perhaps, than remember).

I could look at this year in so many ways.  And not all thankfully.

It’s been a trying, trying year.  And I cannot be more glad to see the back of it.  But I am also grateful for so many unexpected things.

I have found friendship and support from so many quarters.  Bright prospects amidst despair.  And strength from some inner well.

Hope you find the same things too.  A Happy Thanksgiving to all!

{Images courtesy of Cherry Blossom Girl}



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