Dutch Baby, Ragu Bolognese, Chili Prawns…another wonderful weekend

2010/12/23 § Leave a comment

Was in Atlanta for a weekend to celebrate best friend’s nth birthday.  (Yes, more birthdays!  And her mom’s too).  Her entire family was there and I was very happy to see them again after so long.  Having spent so many years of my life hanging out at their house, I’m practically adopted.  And am very happy to see that nothing has changed, even when everyone lives in a different city now.  What we indulge in most often when together is what the weekend was all about – food, good food, and lots of it.

The weekend started with a surprise dinner party at Kevin Rathbun’s Steakhouse.  Drinks and food were abundant, nay, overflowing.  There were ahi tuna tataki, grilled thick cut bacon with spicy molasses,  caesar salad and roasted beet salad for starters, all in huge bowls.  More like main dishes than appetizer.  There were choices of Ribeyes, Fillet Mignon and Maple Leaf Farm Duck for  main dishes accompanied by plates and plates of mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus and sauteed spinach.  I must say that the Ribeye was really, really good.   I would certainly go back to Atlanta just for the KRS Ribeyes.  Then we had creme brulee and apple fritters with ice cream for dessert.  A veritable feast!

For breakfast the next day, BF’s hubby made a scrumptious Dutch Baby generously sprinkled with lemon sugar which was served with lots of crispy bacon, steaming hot coffee and mimosas.

For lunch we had rich, rich and filling Ragu Bolognese pasta with flash fried crunchy Bell Peppers that went so well together.

We had tea in the afternoon, finally enjoying the beautiful buttercream Birthday Cake adorned with yellow roses that was left untouched the night before…

And for dinner, we had the most delicious Chili Prawns, Korean Beef and Garlic Bok Choi (this time cooked by the sisters).  And another divine cake for dessert, a chocolate one topped with red roses….

I left very early the next day.  There’s just not enough hours in a day and a half  to catch up, reminisce and indulge in what we’ve all been used to doing together for several decades.  I’m back in New York and still dreaming of all that good food and company.  (I must have eaten a month’s worth of amazing food in a day and a half).

I’m so glad that some things don’t change….


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