Stoops for Sledding, Tents for Snuggling and Snowstorms to End the Year

2010/12/29 § 2 Comments

Fresh snowfall somehow makes the world seem magical…

It was the day after Christmas when THE snowstorm landed in New York.  Quite unlike other snowy days that were silent and steady.  This came with howling winds and thunder (would you believe?!) and big flakes of snow lashing at the window panes…

The whole world was a haze…

Turning into a surreal luminous white night….

In the comfort of my home,  I watched the snow fall while snuggled under thick duvet.  Pillows propped all around for warmth.   And wishing for a tent just like so to hide from the cold…

I lit votive candles for light and (imaginary) heat…

And ate and ate and ate...though I didn’t have anything quite as dainty as this honeycomb cake

I ate like someone snowed in and bound to be stranded for days.  The mere thought makes you hungry somehow.  Instead of rationing my resources, I cooked up a feast (just a filling soup actually, that reminds me of home) and ate my way through the whipping wind and thunder and never-ending snow.

I wish my table was as beautifully set but instead, I was sitting on the floor, wrapped in my cozy throw, dining from the coffee table laden with bowls of lentil soup and pork (ginisang munggo), plates of toasted wheat bread and homemade bolognese, boxes of chocolates and oranges, and cup after cup of pomegranate tea with honey.  Salty, sweet and sour one after the other.

I woke up the next day to this….

Waded through couple of feet of snow…

Sorely tempted to sled down neighbor’s stoops…

That looked more like slides than stairs…

Feeling like Alice in Wonderland when even garbage cans turn into giant snowcones…..

Ah…quite a day (or two) it was.   A happy winter to all!




{Images 5-8 This is Glamorous;  Images 9-10 Haute Design}


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