Lessons I Learn from the Park on a Winter Day

2011/01/09 § 11 Comments

I love being at the park, whatever the season.

But wintertime is special.

It’s when I hear the words “PUSH ME DOWN” and it brings inexplicable joy to my heart.  I know I’ve lived in the adult world too long when the same words initially stir anger or fear in me.  Adults don’t like being pushed down.  Not at work nor in personal relationships.  Not emotionally, intellectually or physically.  But on a snowy hill in wintertime, the air is fairly ringing with “push me down” insistently and excitedly.  Children are asking, in fact ordering,  their dads and their friends and their siblings to push them down the hill and even I, a mere spectator, feel the thrill and happiness of it.

It is a joy to see children scrambling up after tumbling down and raring to go up again so that they can tumble down some more.  We have forgotten this as adults.  We fall.  And stay down.  We mull, scratch our heads.  Get depressed.  Trudge heavily up, if at all.  Desperately procrastinating having to climb up because it takes too much work or because we are so afraid to fall again.

One should always try to go to a park after a particularly snowy day.  Paths and roads and markers are covered in snow. One can walk to where he wants without following the road.  It is a brief freedom but freedom nevertheless and is quite liberating.  One can take shortcuts or go round in circles and it somehow doesn’t matter.  One can tumble and fall and it’s okay.  It’s what one should be doing on a snowy day.

And if I had any good sense, next time I go to the park and see a pile of cuttings…I should just jump into it and stay in as long as I could so that I could lie on a bed of pine needles and breathe and be enveloped in its wonderful scent.  Adults just don’t jump into piles, right?  But there are all sorts of piles.  And piles of pine branches and barks and needles are the best sort of piles.  Not all piles are piles of dung.  Which we jump into anyway, most of the time.  Though we don’t know it.  So I don’t see why we shouldn’t knowingly jump into a good pile.  I guess it’s just not very adult to “jump into things.”  One always has to mull.  Scratch his head.  Ponder deeply.  And some such.

When the next snowfall covers the park,  I promise  –  I will go and find someone to push me down, and I will slide and tumble with abandon, and I will climb up with excitement, and I will jump into piles without a second thought, and I will get lost because it’s fun and I will NOT follow the road and I will stick out my tongue … and taste the falling snow.



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§ 11 Responses to Lessons I Learn from the Park on a Winter Day

  • wherewander says:

    Oh my!! I couldn´t believe it!!

    You had an incredible insightful day at the park, that kept you wondering about adulthood and all we have given up since we were called a grown up for the first time. The park has given you a sense of freedom, a strong will to recover part of what was left behind in this long journey and inspired you to take great photos!!

    I said I couldn´t believe it because today, I went to the park. And it´s summer here. And I walked around, took pictures, and sat on a bench to see people pass by. And the feeling I had today was that everybody was trying to fly (metaphorically speaking of course) because all I saw reminded me of wings and that carefree feeling of the childhood. And I posted the pictures and called the album “flying” …

    I guess I can post them here tomorrow for you to see …

    What was it today? a wave that went around the world??

    • Haha. I was just walking and enjoying the snow when I was actually startled by a kid screaming “Daddy, push me down!” It made me happy and at the same time realized how being pushed down just isn’t something I want in any other context.

    • And wow – yes, it must have been a wave that went around the world. Flying – that would be the equivalent in summertime. Looking forward to your post!

      • wherewander says:

        well but your literary skills made my literary skills put the two literary pieces together!! sort of being in an Auster novel LOL

        Another funny thing today. Just now I checked my mailbox and somebody sent me a mail offering a tandem sky dive experience … mmm …

        Have a good start of the week, still Sunday here!!

  • Jacqueline says:

    how pretty… this is like a dream to me — oh, to go sledding!

  • kAi says:

    Poetic 🙂

  • eduvigis (juvy) soriano ellasos says:

    enjoying your accounts of the winter wonderland;i just heard from edel-my eldest daughter;they let their 1 yr.old son play with the snow,they forgot to put on his gloves..i guess he got so cold when he touched the snow he cried..take care

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