More Brunches and Desserts of 2010

2011/01/09 § 5 Comments

I thought I should post this before 2010 becomes but a distant memory.

LOCANDA VERDE was my restaurant find of 2010.  I was in Chicago when it opened so I only discovered it when I came back to New York in January of 2010.   I can never say enough good things about their sheep’s milk ricotta with truffled honey, sea salt and burnt orange toast.  I have gone back to Locanda over and over to satisfy my craving for this simple, heavenly dish.

Their Uovo Modenese (with cotechino hash, spinach and tomato hollandaise) as well as Scampi and Grits (with organic polenta, tomato, sausage and coddled eggs) are always excellent.  The eggs perfectly poached or coddled, the meat and the shrimps tender and juicy, the sauces just right.

NORMA’S. Haven’t gone to Norma’s in a while and was very glad to have gone right before the year ended.  I was reminded of how much I love their food.  Last time we had the Huevos Rancheros which was light, fresh and a tad spicy….

Paired with the decadent Waz-za (waffle with fruit inside and fruit outside with a crackly brulee top) that was simply outstanding.

ALTO. The gargagnelli (handmade pasta quills) at Alto was quite possibly the best pasta dish I’ve ever had.  Their desserts don’t come far behind.   I loved the Torrone – piemontese nougat semifreddo, hazelnut cake, warm chocolate sauce…

…and their Panna Cotta.   Blood Orange- Vanilla panna cotta, pistachio crema, candied pistachio.

CORTON. Finally, here are the artistic desserts at Corton that we had for my birthday.  Caramel Brioche with Passion Fruit, Coffee, Banana and Cheese.

Gold Bar. “Pedro Ximenez” and Smoked Caramel Ice Cream.

2010 was a full dining calendar and am hoping 2011 will be the same.

Here’s hoping this year will be a more delicious one!



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