Turon with Langka Ice Cream, Barako Coffee Jelly, Sans Rival, Mochi Affogato

2011/01/12 § 5 Comments

The curse of living abroad is the constant longing for food back home.

Here are more Filipino desserts I’ve been craving for from my most recent trip:

1)  Turon with Langka Ice Cream (Deep-fried Banana and Jackfruit in spring roll wrapper with Jackfruit Ice Cream).  This was from Mesa (GB5) and was a fitting cap to their unbelievably good Filipino food (think baby squid in olive oil, crispchon, etc).

2) Barako Coffee Jelly with Vanilla Ice Cream again at Mesa.

3)  Sans Rival – this is the cake that reminds me of Christmastime in the province.  It was the special cake that we import from [Goldilocks] Manila for Christmas.  It is made of layers upon layers of meringue, french buttercream and almond or cashew nuts.  This was the proverbial icing in our otherwise provincial christmas table.  We eat it really slow and savor every bite as there was so little of it to go around.  It wasn’t like we can just order or buy again from Manila (a mere 5hr journey from our small town in the North).

For anyone brave and patient enough to make this themselves, here is a recipe link – http://www.bigoven.com/recipe/167044/sans-rival

4) Mochi Affogato –  this is another dessert variety that I have only had back home at my friend’s cafe – Dezato.  The mochis are made by her sister and is their version of  affogato – mochi ice cream topped with espresso.  I love, love the contrast of the hot, bitter coffee with the crunchy nuts, sticky rice and cold, sweet ice-cream.  Everyone should try this at least once.

5)  Mango Pannacota at Elbert’s Steak Room.   I daresay that anything with Mango is best eaten in the Philippines than anywhere else in the world.  We have the sweetest and juiciest mangoes after all.  So I’m featuring another mango-based dessert here (even though you all know my history with mangoes).  This was a light and delicate dessert that was perfect with the juicy Ribeye that I had for lunch (thanks, Lerms!)

Wishing everyone many sweet things this year!



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