Walking on the Bridge and Dining Under it…

2011/01/24 § 8 Comments

I love the Brooklyn Bridge.  Whether seeing it from afar – inside a train or a car traversing the East River,  or walking across it.  Most especially this.  The thick, wide planks remind me of things beloved.  Of provinces and olden times.  Where and when bridges were made of wood.  It’s awe-inspiring to look up and out of  the steel cable latticework onto a view of the New York skyline.  From the Brooklyn side, we see midtown Manhattan to our right, with the Empire State rising prominently, and to our left is the Financial District, crowded and perched on the edge of the city.

It’s a joy to watch the people crossing and walking or running alongside you.  Some strolling slowly, taking in the sights.  Many taking photos.  And striking all sorts of poses.  A lot crossing the bridge purposefully as if it were part of their daily route to and fro work and home.  Some jogging and biking.  And then there are the lovers.  And brides and grooms and wedding parties.

After taking in our fill of beauty and wonder, we retraced our steps and went back down Brooklyn side.  We crossed Cadman Plaza towards the Promenade for more of the breathtaking views.  We then walked towards the River Cafe and enjoyed its tiny garden.  We sat under the bare trees and talked.  Buried our boots in snow and listened to the sound of the partly frozen miniature waterfall.  All the while gazing at the twinkling lights on the other side of the river.

At some point, curiosity got the better of us and C and I decided to take a peek inside the restaurant.  Greeted by masses and masses of beautiful flowers and warmth at the reception area…we found it very hard to walk out in the cold, hungry as were from the walk.

Madness overtook us. We decided to walk into the formal dining room instead, enjoy the unparalleled view some more, this time underneath the bridge, comfortably ensconced in our banquet seats…and enjoy.  Enjoy the fabled city and its fabled food.

We started with Taylor Bay Scallops Ceviche chilled on the half shell with sea beans, tomato and coriander…

Then we had two roasted tails of Wild Rock Lobster from South Africa with mango, fennel, lemon and olive oil…

Followed by Branzino Fillet – Mediterranean sea bass, chorizo sausage and shrimp ‘stuffing’, smoked tiny vine tomatoes, petite zucchini, charred lemon confit….

Sauteed Hudson Valley Foie Gras with roasted apple, brioche French toast, Zeiglers’ Orchard cider reduction, candied pistachio….

New York Cut Sirloin – dry aged, charcoal grilled, red wine mushroom marmalade, russet and sweet potato gratin with blue cheese fondue…

Caramelized Apple-Almond Tart – thinly sliced apples over a layer of frangipani and puff pastry, Vanilla ice cream, green apple sorbet…

And finally ending the meal with Chocolate Marquise Brooklyn Bridge – handmade chocolate with a terrine of toasted hazelnut and Tahitian vanilla ice cream.  Aptly ending the day as it started – with the Bridge.

The converted barge restaurant was firmly anchored… but we walked out giddy and swaying from the glorious food, the glorious wine and the glorious, glorious view.



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