Starting the Night “Hot and Dirty” and ending it “In Love”

2011/01/27 § 2 Comments

A girlfriend whom I haven’t seen in so long let me know that they were doing Happy Hour at The Mermaid Oyster Bar in the West Village.  Was excited to go and meet up, especially over oysters.   We were there just as it turned dark.  What a surprise to enter a quite, quite lovely bar.  I was expecting a more masculine, rugged shack.  I find instead a warm, whitewashed space.  It felt very much like being in the beach in the middle of the city, and better yet – in the middle of winter.

We started the night with Hot and Dirty Martinis – voli vodka, olive juice and tabasco.  That went really well with the assortment of malpeques, calm coves and littleneck clams

Mermaid Lobster Sliders – brioche bun with lobster salad…

Mermaid Fish Taco – blackened tilapia, avocado, smoked jalapeno…

Lollipop Chicken Wings – with blue cheese crumble…

And Shishito Peppers – with sea salt and lemon.

Night was capped by the complimentary, yummy Chocolate Pudding

and the Fortune Fishes given to each of us.  We placed the fishes in the palm of our hands and they started moving.  The movements indicate several things.  Only the head moving – jealousy.  Tail – Indifference.  Head and TailIn Love.  Curling Sides – Fickle. Turns Over – False.  Motionless – Dead One.   Curls up entirely – Passionate.

We had so much fun divining our fortune.  I’m sure you can guess what the fish did on top of my hand.  Moved its head and tail!  So there you go.  I’m taking my fortune to heart.  Would love all nights to end with love, love, love.



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