Getting Old and Losing the Courage to Fly…

2011/01/28 § 4 Comments

I’m being literal. (Although this also applies be discussed in another post).

A friend is in town and wanted a tour of the city.  Of course!  I’m always up for that.  I love showing the city off.  And having someone to explore  and discover parts of the city I haven’t seen myself.  (Although I’d make any kind of excuse not to have to line up to climb the Empire State and all that).  As with most first-timers or “tourist” – their concept of touring is riding something.  A car, preferably.  A bus.  But New York is best seen on foot.  And by subway.

It’s nice to feel connected to the people here.

You won’t feel the energy and the vibe of the city, disconnected from everyone, by being inside a car.  Most especially in a stretch limo.  Which everyone wants to do.  We see it so much on TV.  I think people just think it’s something you have to do when you’re here.  I’ve lived here long enough not to fancy it at all.  And only because in my mind I see 18 year olds in mini skirts, having fun and getting drunk on champagne.  Not a bad thing at all.  It just goes to show that I don’t feel 18 anymore.  And I shouldn’t, as I’m much, much older.  Still, I was surprised to realize that I feel that old as not to welcome the thought of having fun in a limo.

But I started really feeling my age when I didn’t know what to feel when my friend said – “let’s take a helicopter tour!”  A helicopter!

I love traveling.  To distant places, especially.  I ride planes several times a year, many of which are long-haul flights.  So I was shocked when I didn’t feel an instant excitement over riding a helicopter.  I must be getting really old!  This was the kind of thing I’ve always wanted to do when I was younger.  But the list of things I’ve crossed out just keeps getting longer – bungee jumping, skydiving.  Thankfully, I feel as if I could still do hang gliding and hot air balloon rides.

Now I didn’t know if it’s because I’m in New York City and it just seems alien to me to be touring the city any other way but by foot or if it’s because I’m just getting old.  I don’t think I would object to touring Vegas or Hawaii on helicopter.  Or anywhere else for that matter.  Okay, okay.  I guess it’s the city, right?!  It must be the city. And not the age.  Whew.  Thank goodness.  Now, that’s a relief.


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§ 4 Responses to Getting Old and Losing the Courage to Fly…

  • wherewander says:

    It´s the city, it´s the city, it´s the city!! NEVER the age!! LOL

    I don´t wear miniskirts any more … but I haven´t crossed out some items yet … yes, age has something to do with it in the sense we become more ourselves and we do just what we do want to do, don´t follow trends, don´t have to please anybody unless we want to. So those things that don´t feel really exciting, well, they just don´t. Maybe they even were a real goal ever except for the fact we were younger and we were supposed to.

    • I agree – it’s the city! Ha ha. And only because I’m a resident. I think that if I were a “tourist” anywhere else, I would certainly be up for a helicopter ride. But as to age – i just think I’m more scared of “adventurous” things now, aka “somewhat reckless” activities. Ugh. And I don’t think I was ever into riding limos and such anyway. I just thought I’d be excited cause it’s something new that I haven’t done before. Since I wasn’t – I attribute it to age. LOL

  • kAi says:

    So did you? And how was it? I’ve explored NYC – yes, by foot and subway, and I agree I wouldn’t have it any other way, though I’m a tourist. But if I’d do it by helicopter, well I’m more than 18, and I think it’d be more exciting exploring the country (outside the city) on air…;-)

    • Hi Kai! Not yet. My friend isn’t here yet (was here, left for another state, and isn’t back). But the tour is just within the city so I’d basically be seeing the same thing I see on foot, but on air. You’re right – would be really nice to explore the countryside on a heli.

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