Soho Musings…

2011/02/03 § 4 Comments

I love walking around Soho.  I am fascinated by the cast-iron building facades and the giant shop doors and the cobblestones.  I like that none of the buildings are dizzyingly tall or blindingly shiny.  The shops all seem tiny from the streets.  Everything outside  are long and narrow, and inside are cathedral-height ceilings and cavernous basements. I like peering into shop windows and looking up to see glimpses of beautiful loft spaces.  I love that furniture shops and carpet stores and galleries and lingerie boutiques stand side by side and you don’t know what lies on the other side of the wall.

I love how some buildings look pristine and white and some colored and bright and how suddenly you find amidst genteel luxury  – gritty spaces and walls raw and covered in graffiti.  Everyone on the street look cool.  Or hot.  And very edgy.

I like that right outside posh designer stores and sleek restaurants are snack stands and vendors selling trinkets, t-shirts, movie screenplays, artworks and such.

And much as my favorite pizza has got to be the Cremini Mushroom, White Cheddar, Black Pepper (with garlic) Pizza at Great Lake in Chicago (the pizza that makes New Yorkers feel sad they’re in New York and not Chicago) with its somewhat ugly, charred, chewy, salty crust and delightfully fresh and flavorful ingredients, I wouldn’t mind snacking on Mercer Kitchen‘s Black Truffle and Fontina Pizza.  Anytime.  All the time.  This never fails to invigorate me after hours spent walking and gawking and dreaming amidst the shops and fellow pedestrians in this rather lovely part of town.




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