Sisig, Spam, Sarap…

2011/02/06 § Leave a comment

It was a freezing Sunday and I had no intention of venturing out of the warmth of my apartment… not even out of the comforts of my bed and duvet, to be honest, but I was browsing through the Restaurant Section of the New York Magazine and what do I see?  “Filipino Brunch Pop-Up Place at the East Village.” I make a call and was told that all tables are booked but I can walk in at 1130am and will most likely be accommodated.  I couldn’t get sisig and tocilogs out of my mind so I called a friend who luckily was as excited to go despite the forbidding temperatures.

There can be no warmer and more welcoming signage for Filipinos in another country than this:

The Pop-up, Maharlika, was housed in a quaint French bistro rich in details – brick ceilings and walls, old mirrors.  Very intimate. Tiny tables and chairs all squished together with nary a space to walk in between.  But there was an air of excitement as group after group of diners came in and lined up outside.

I must say that I am always prepared to be disappointed whenever I eat Filipino food outside of the Philippines.  It just doesn’t taste the same.  But we were given pan de sal while waiting for our order (which took quite a while) and the guava jelly and macapuno jam that went with it were outstanding.  Tocino and Tortang Talong were unremarkable.  The sizzling sisig however was very, very good.  Freezing hands and toes were worth it if only for the sisig.  My friend raved about the Pacquiao Punch, a salabat-based alcoholic drink, that better be good because it was priced the same as a main meal.

This was surely another  Sunday morning well-spent.



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