Rainy Days and Wednesdays

2011/02/09 § 16 Comments

I like rain.

No, I don’t just like rain.  I love rain.  I am a delinquent at heart. I always wish for rain so I don’t have to go to school.  When I was young and living in the province, it rained for a month and the groundfloor of our house was knee-deep in water and we had to wade from room to room.  And we, cousins, loved it.  We were living in a pool!  It’s every kid’s dream.  The entire backyard, which was a couple of steps lower than the front yard, became a veritable lake, that we all adored.  What utter good fortune for us to suddenly be living by a lake!  We found all manner of things to float on the lake and to ride on.  I was too young to worry about soaked and ruined furniture or house.  I didn’t care.  All I cared about was…Rain meant no school.

I don’t think I ever liked going to school.  No school meant staying at home and playing with my cousins (for an entire month). Everything seems so much nicer and better when it’s raining.  Being at home.  Playing all day.  Snuggling in bed.  Soup and steaming rice is tastier because they give off warmth.  We get to wear sweaters and jackets and hide from thunder and lightning under the blankets.  We get to go out and run to the plaza and play, in the pouring rain, with all the other kids in town who also think that the plaza is the place to be when it rains.  If we weren’t playing by the lake that materialized behind the back of our house.

I was suffused with all these good thoughts and memories about rain while walking along Wall Street to meet friends for lunch.  I love the Financial District in the rain.  I love that it’s foggy and wet and the sky is filled with swooping birds.  I love the warren of streets and the old and tiny buildings right in front of these new and tall buildings.  I like the cobblestones and pedestrian-only streets.  I like that some alleys seem dark and deserted except for an Irish Pub that’s incongruously filled and busy and just around the corner is an unexpected bright and gleaming shop.

Under myriad scaffoldings, I find the door to the Setai.  Up the elevator is another world altogether.  Modern.  Asian. Chef Shaun Hergatt’s lair.  SHO Shaun Hergatt. We were duly ushered to our table in front of the kitchen where we can see the chefs working on their masterpieces.

Potato soup with pork belly

Heirloom Beet Carpaccio with Goat Cheese Panna Cotta

Crispy Skin Amadai with Burnt Scallion, Tapioca and Ginger Broth…

Barley Rissotto

Incredible desserts

And the wonderful day wasn’t over yet.  A trip to the BAM Harvey Theatre (which is conveniently right behind my building) was scheduled in the evening to watch Alan Rickman up close with Fiona Shaw and Linsey Duncan.  My friend got tickets 3rd row from the very front and center.  Mr. Snape as John Gabriel Borkman was a delight.  And so were the women.  The British thespians were at their best. The play was meant to be tragic.  But the script was incredibly funny.  The stage (complete with a raging snowstorm) and the theatre itself was marvelous.

I couldn’t ask for a better Wednesday.



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§ 16 Responses to Rainy Days and Wednesdays

  • Let’s see… after college you went to law school, then the Sorbonne, then Northwestern… Never liked school? Could’ve fooled me 🙂

    Anyway, your post made me sigh. Sometimes I really wish I lived in a true urban area. Since I’m so wedded to the Bay Area, I guess that means San Francisco. In an ideal world I’d have a house with a yard that’s within walking distance to dense urban excitement. Without the homeless folk and criminal element, of course. LOL. One can dream…

    • It’s true! I took summer classes in college because I always felt like never wanting to come back from the province after those 3-month long holidays. I just wanted to stay there and never leave. So I forced myself to go back to the city, cut short my vacation (FOOL!), and enroll.
      Sigh…and it’s a good thing I’ve been documenting New York in this blog. Who knows where I’ll be in the next months?

  • wherewander says:

    this is a great Wednesday!! Are you planning to move??

    • Hi Ellen! It was a gorgeous day. I’m not planning to move but it all depends on some things. I might just end up in another city. Whatever happens – it’s all good 😀

      • wherewander says:

        Well, if it is all good, GREAT!! but I find NY fascinating … I wanted to spend my birthday there 5 years ago but couldn´t make it, still in my thoughts …

        • When is your birthday? Are you based in the West Coast? You should really try to come here soon – while I’m here so I can take you around 😀 I love New York. There is nowhere like New York. I think it’s the vast array of things to do and see within your reach that makes it different. You don’t have to drive far or wait for long periods for special events. It just offers never-ending opportunities for everything.

          • wherewander says:

            My birthday is September 4th. I live in the East coast but … in the South hemisphere!!!
            Buenos Aires is a very large city, very European and it´s just like NY as regards opportunities. One big difference, we speak Spanish LOL I´d love to meet you in NY but not sure if I can make it soon …

            • Oh my! I’ve been wanting to go to Argentina! Was supposed to go in ’05 but trip got cancelled. Are you from there? Cause I love futbol and I adore Messi (and Riquelme)! Ha ha. I keep saying I’ll go there someday…and stay in an estancia and take polo lessons. Depending on development in the next weeks – I might get to travel somewhere before finally ending my sabbatical. Was thinking of Europe or Argentina. Hmm…

  • @wherewander: I love Buenos Aires! Went there for work (with a few days extra for fun) a couple of years ago and been obsessed ever since. The energy and atmosphere is so wonderful! And the beef! OMG the beef! 🙂 I liked Palermo Soho and Puerto Madero the best. My hotel was close to Plaza San Martín, and my friend and I would walk around for hours, hitting bar after restaurant after bar, all around the side streets and up and down Nueve de Julio. *sigh*

    @leah: If you go to Argentina take me with you! Let’s also check out Iguazú!!!

    • Sige! If I get this thing and they give me time, let’s plan a trip na to BA. Ano ba yan – you want to check out Iguazu and I want to check out Patagonia. Ha ha ha.

      Let’s visit Ellen. Have you seen her blog? She has gorgeous photos of South America!

    • wherewander says:

      You were in a very beautiful area of Buenos Aires!!! Iguazu is a must. I plan to post some pictures this weekend in “Travels” about Iguazú … it´s amazing!!!

  • Leah, I’m reserving Patagonia, Mendoza, and Tierra del Fuego for when Bill and I go on our grand tour of Argentina and Chile. 🙂

  • Karena says:

    Wonderful to catch up again!! Love your life!!

    Come and join my amazing giveaway from Splenderosa!

    Art by Karena

  • wherewander says:

    you two can visit both Mendoza and Patagonia !!!

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