On the Brink of Something Wonderful…

2011/02/11 § 2 Comments

I’ve been waking up for many mornings now with the thought foremost that something wonderful is going to happen.

And it’s quite inexplicable.  Because for a long, long time – things have not been well at all.  But I can’t quite shake the feeling.  It’s like being in the throes of first love…a thrill courses through me.  And I’m starting to think I’ve gone crazy.  That I’ve been inured to so much bad news, spectacular crashes, destitution and penury  – that a normal day, an ordinary day, somehow seemed wonderful in itself.  But it wasn’t  that.  I wake up feeling like I was going on a long-awaited holiday, with everyone I wanted to be with, and to places I’ve always wanted to go to. I wake up feeling like I won the lotto.  Or that my favorite futbol players have arranged a night of dining and dancing with me (hah!). It’s a feeling of great expectation and unabated exuberance.  I feel like dancing and singing. But I look around and there’s nothing.  Nothing.  It’s still the same day and circumstance for me.  Which should cause no celebration of any sort.

And one day.  Finally, one day… things started to look up.  Little things started happening.  Very little things.  But with big consequences.  I’m starting to feel as if all the hard work and the sacrifices and the tears and the countless sleepless nights are paying off.  And although I have not won the lotto, and am still to hear from my futbol players, and a holiday with loved ones in my favorite places is far from happening – a wonderful opportunity had come. It is premature to celebrate as I write.  But doors have opened.  And to get the opportunity that I have now – is a gift.  It came at a time when I have all but given up.

It is true what they say.  That the night is darkest just before dawn.  And that God is good.  All the time.

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§ 2 Responses to On the Brink of Something Wonderful…

  • wherewander says:

    Maybe you got so used to bad things, that now that you feel differently you feel you are crazy but NO!! something wonderful IS actually happening. You are falling in love with life. Just the way it is. ENJOY!!!

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