Yellow Squash Salad, Clam Chowder and ’80s Music

2011/02/21 § 2 Comments

I keep looking for a place where I can just sit, lounge, have a drink and listen to ’80s music.  Although it’s also nice to find a dancing place playing mostly ’80s tunes…I really want somewhere I can just relax and sing to the songs.  I finally found one last night.  At a most unlikely venue.  Jeffrey’s Grocery at the West Village.

I have passed by this place many times and I always drop by to look around.  It has this vintage vibe, a high, beautiful, black tin ceiling, a long bar,  tall communal table, and small cozy tables for two.  It has a small shelf in front with a wonderful selection of dry goods and a glass shelf with meat, cheese and fruits.  It seems like a throwback to olden days and is filled with that small-town feel, that I so love.

I have tried many times to get a seat but without much luck as I always seem to be in that area at the peak of brunch/lunch hour.  Last night, friend and I couldn’t think of where to grab a quick evening snack and then we saw Jeffrey’s just around the corner.  Aha! Luckily, there was space at the communal table.  We were seated and served by these very nice gentlemen and while seated realized that the music played was all ’80s.  So friend and I waited for our food, mostly in silence, as we were swaying and singing under our breath, happily lost in our own memories.

We each had a cup of rich and creamy New England Clam Chowder, shared a plate of Crostinis with salami and this really refreshing Yellow Squash Salad with pickled shiitake mushrooms and sugar snap peas.  Next time we’re going back for the Plateau de Mer with oysters, clams, king crab legs, lobsters, shrimps and scallops (that I spied on the other table).  And more of the great ’80s music that was the backdrop for the most exciting part of our lives.


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