Best Wishes

2011/02/25 § 4 Comments

One of my best friends is getting married.  And I can’t attend.  It fills me with sorrow not to be there for her big day.  But am also filled with gladness for her and for her soon-to-be husband.

Liberty was my seatmate for an entire year in lawschool.  My constant companion in listening to favorite ’80s music ( usually at Ten Years After ).  And in drowning disappointments over crappy recitations and crappy exams with our liquor of choice.  She was my first girlfriend to be as interested in futbol as I am.  Even when she insists on rooting for Real Madrid when I am a diehard Barcelona fan, we kept our friendship.  And even when I supported every other English team but Chelsea, her favorite, she still considers me a friend.  She was the friend on the other end of the phone at 4am for the entire second half of the Liverpool – AC Milan finals, which phonecall was spent screaming and going crazy with every goal that Liverpool scored to equalize and finally win the shootout.  We at least agreed on supporting the French rugby equipe, as I liked Ellisalde and Michelak as much as she did.  And she supported Wales as well the year that I did.  She was the one friend who gifted me with exactly the same book I gifted her with.  Talk about exchange gifts and similar minds.  She was the friend who faithfully visited me at the hospital when I met an accident, “songhits”  in tow, so we could sing to Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Wang Chung, Style Council, and other bands of that era – which singing and company greatly alleviated the pain that even heavy painkillers couldn’t.  She was my friend in “vice”  and music and all things European.  Even when I don’t go to church everyday as she does, she never questioned my faith and prayed instead for my success and happiness.  She was with me through all my ups and downs and have always, always encouraged me in my dreams and aspirations.

Leif, you are a truly lucky man to have Liberty in your life.  Cherish her.  I wish only the best for you both on your happy, happy day.  May all of God’s blessings be upon you.

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§ 4 Responses to Best Wishes

  • wherewander says:

    it´s a pity you cannot attend … I´m sure she´ll miss you too on that very special day but you will be together anyway, at heart!!

  • Irene says:

    Hi Leah! Love what you wrote about your friendship with Liberty. Somehow, she made law school fun…harharhar. Liberty never failed to make me laugh, and your blog made my heart smile. Thanks for sharing! Irene

    • Hi Irene – thanks! Oo nga – i miss our lawschool days. It was easy to find one another. Ngayon di na tayo magkita kita. It was fun, in hindsight. (Despite the harrowing recitations. Ugh). Ha ha

  • Libe says:

    hello Amiga! i just read this blog… and it made me shed tears of joy once again (i’ve been doing that a lot lately). and it made me miss you again…

    but i feel you from thousands of miles away. i feel your profound happiness laced with regret that you cannot be present to share in the joy of the occasion. and you know that cos we are so eerily psychic and attuned to each other.

    thanks for the well wishes and fond thoughts. i know that you always have prayed for my happiness and success as i have done for yours. God is really good so we must continue to pray for each other and keep the faith.

    ‘love you, dear friend…

    hugs from me and mi esposo

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