Sweet Strawberry Sunday

2011/03/06 § 2 Comments

It’s my perfect  kind of day.  It’s raining and it’s a Sunday. I hardly know what to do on a day like this. Do I stay in bed and read my books?   Or just watch the grey misty world out the window?  Or do I put on my rainboots and orange raincoat and yellow bag and traipse in the rain and watch tiny puddles form and stand under trees and step on wet grass?

Early morning was spent in bed watching the beautiful rain.  Then I dragged myself  to the couch for a dose of  English footie.   {Note: Having now been spoiled by the quick-passing, brilliant games of my favorite team, Barcelona, I find most other matches (especially English ones) quite inane, what with all the long balls to seemingly nowhere, the crazed running to get to nowhere and all the pushing and shoving to take possession of the ball, only to lose it with imprecise passes, injury-inducing tackles or a cross straight to the stands.  Having said that, the Liverpool- Man U match was surprisingly riveting because of impressive technical ability.  Luis Suarez was massive and immense.  And Kuyt had great finishing and really good instinct  and positioning to be where the ball is.}   I watched while eating strawberry after strawberry dipped in condensed milk (a good friend, Renz, who was in town a couple of weeks ago reminded me of this pleasure as we spent hours catching up with bowls of these).  And thinking about Fernando Torres and wondering what he must be thinking now.

Then it was time to don my rain gear and walk in the rain to meet friends for brunch and talk of this and that over poached eggs and grits and pains au chocolat and steaming cups of coffee.

More walking in the rain and then it was back home for more reading and chatting and arguing and laughter and staring at the rain and raiding the chocolate box and giving grace and resting our weary souls for another busy and grueling week ahead.  Ah…when I think of what’s in store for the morrow, I wish Sunday would linger and tarry longer….

{Last four photos taken several weeks back when there was still snow on the ground}



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§ 2 Responses to Sweet Strawberry Sunday

  • wherewander says:

    it seems that it was raining in our cities though it cleared in the afternoon here …

    • Has it also been raining there? It rained the whole day yesterday and it’s still gray today. Rain here isn’t really like rain in the tropics. It’s just a light rain so you can still walk out with a hat, even without an umbrella.

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