Japan and Abidal In My Thoughts

2011/03/17 § 2 Comments

The papers are filled with so much bad news these days.  I offer a prayer for Japan that it may overcome the destruction wrought by the earthquake and the tsunami and that its sorrow over lives lost are healed in time.

As we never know when these disasters strike, we should really learn to cherish each day as it comes and learn to love our selves, our families, our neighbors and our environment.  These events put many things in perspective.

A favorite footballer of mine, Eric Abidal, was also diagnosed with liver tumor.  What’s been outstanding is the message of support from all the fans, strangers and opposing teams.  Even fierce rivalries and hatred have been set aside to pray for a fellow human being in times of crisis.  I hope these good thoughts and wishes come to fore consistently and not just in times of trouble.

I have hope for the world.

{Images courtesy of Tant Johana and Solid Frog}



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§ 2 Responses to Japan and Abidal In My Thoughts

  • I quite agree, and when it comes down to human suffering, we often find ourselves completely softened. Though tragic, it truly does make a person have empathy, offer love, thoughts and prayers for others — something we ought to do more often than we do. I pray for the people that are suffering in Japan right now, for I cannot even begin to imagine how they must be feeling at this moment… thank you for the beautiful post.

  • Indeed. We will do well to remember these tragedies and live with kindness and understanding towards our fellow beings as life and all our possessions are very transitory.

    I will take this opportunity, Sarah, to thank you for the daily inspiration and beauty your site provides me 😀

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