Foie Gras Rice, Uni on Uni Chips, Unagi Empire, Hamachi Jaws

2011/03/31 § 5 Comments

It was the middle of March but felt like the middle of summer.  All of New York were out in the streets.  Sunbathing during the day and happily indulging in food and libation at night.  The restaurants have slid open their glass walls and diners spilled onto the streets.  Just like it were a summer day.  But it wasn’t as it went back to snow and freezing temperatures a couple of days after.

J and I were excited to try this Japanese restaurant we read about.  Wasan prides itself in seasonal offerings using fresh, locally grown produce.  It is housed in this modest place at the low end of the East Village, very close to the LES.

First we had Assorted Sashimi.

Tuna had a surprising smoked taste.

Followed by Foie Gras Rice.

Sauteed foie gras on sushi rice and endive.  Strawberry balsamic sauce on top.

Then the Uni Lover.

Sea Urchin and Avocado on Homemade Uni Chips topped with peanut garlic oil.

Then the Hamachi Jaws.

Deep fried seasoned Yellowtail Collar.

Finally, we had the Unagi Empire.

Layers of Eel and sautéed seasonal vegetables on top of hijiki rice with hint of sansho pepper.

I still dream of this spread.

It was the perfect blend of ingredients and taste and texture.  With all my favorites. Sashimi.  Foie Gras.  Uni.  Unagi.  The last three all rich and creamy but masterfully tempered by different components of the dish.  The foie gras was tempered by the rice and the balsamic dressing.  The uni by the avocado.  And the unagi by the mushroom and the crunchy asparagus.  It was one heavenly delight after another. And you can’t beat a perfectly seasoned fried fish.  The hamachi collar was the best amongst the dishes (as you can see from the photo, we started eating before I even remembered to take a shot).

We had to walk a couple of blocks to and from the subway and it was a treat passing by packed restaurants filled with smiling faces.  It’s the smile one gets from one who sees the sun after months spent indoors, shivering.  The streets were without the reeking smell of sweat and alcohol of a real summer day too. The whole day was just fresh and crisp and warm.  After dinner, we went to Sugar Sweet Sunshine for the Nilla Wafer Banana Pudding.  Unfortunately, it closed two minutes before we got there.  Pffft…..Nothing could take the shine and the pleasure off the night though. It’s one of those spectacular days where you feel alive and thankful to be in New York.




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