Happy it’s a Friday, cause then comes Saturday, El Clasico madness begins!!

2011/04/15 § 8 Comments

It’s Friday!  And I’m happy cause tomorrow will be Saturday.  A big day for a footie fan like me.  It’s an El Clasico day!  For those of you who don’t know – it’s the Spanish derby between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, which happens twice in a season for the league.  One at Camp Nou in Barcelona and the other at Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid.  The first one in November was a right and proper thrashing of Real Madrid.  A manita win!  5-0.  But as several key Madrid players have healed and regained match fitness, Barcelona is racked with injuries and is playing with a makeshift defense and moving many players out of position.  So the Saturday Liga game might prove different from the walk in the park that it was in November.

More importantly though, this Saturday game is the first of four El Clasicos in the space of eighteen days. Four.  In Eighteen days!  I don’t know many hearts and livers that can take that much excitement and heartbreak or exultation in such a short span of time.  The nearest similar thing was in 1916 when the two teams played four games in 21 days.  But with lesser trophies at stake.

This time, they are playing for the Liga title (although Barcelona has quite an advantage in points), the Copa del Rey and the Champions League finals berth.

So…as it stands, Barcelona can afford to lose the Saturday game, must win the Copa del Rey, can afford to lose the first leg of the tie at the Bernabeu, but must win at all cost in the aggregate at the Camp Nou.

Because of Barcelona’s depleted team, it seems very improbable to win all four (BUT I still think they can!).  The first match, I feel, will set the tone for the rest of the matches so even though they can technically lose that and still be on top of the La Liga rankings, they should try to win it.  They have to win the King’s Cup.  They have to amass as many away goals at the Bernabeu tie match and if they have to lose, it should only be by a goal down with two away goals at least.  Finally, they have to wrap it all up with a massive win at the Camp Nou.  (I dream BIG, as you can see.)

Everything is easier said than done (!!!).  But I have faith in the skill and spirit of my team, Barcelona.  I think it can be done.  To win all three titles.

Thank God it’s Friday.  Only another night til Saturday.  When everything will break loose.  The next eighteen days will be both carnival and purgatory.  And life might never be the same for cules such as me.

Visca Barca!  Forca Barca!



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§ 8 Responses to Happy it’s a Friday, cause then comes Saturday, El Clasico madness begins!!

  • 2e0mca says:

    Thanks for giving an insight into what the game means to a Barca fan – the food looks good too 🙂

  • totsie says:

    Reasons already, in case Barcelona loses this Sunday?

    • We have no Puyol and Abidal and we have a small squad to begin with! We’re playing many players out of position…so we’re much weaker than in Nov. We’ll have to rely on perfect form and execution of strategy on Sat. Then again, we can lose that game really (though I don’t want to concede any). What matters is we win the Copa and the aggregate of the two CL legs. Don’t you think this is exciting?! I’m going to bug you to watch 😀

  • British says:

    Real should take advantage of Barcelona’s injury problems and revenge the heavy 5-0 defeat they suffered at Camp Nou. Four five-star matches in 18 days must be a delight for football fans. Real could get a narrow home win to close the gap on uncontested leaders Barcelona.

    • Hi! Yes, this is the best time for Real to take advantage. But just as we think we won’t win all four, neither can they. It comes down to tactics of the managers and execution by the players. As I said, we don’t really have to win the first game (except for psychological purposes), we want to win the Copa and we have to have a better aggregate score in the two legs of the CL tie. These four games are going to be very exciting (especially strategically) but very stressful for supporters. We would all be wrecks after 18 days. Thanks for dropping by!

  • wherewander says:

    enjoy El Clásico!!

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