Mes Que Un Club

2011/05/03 § 3 Comments

I keep planning to write about this …

…but events always seem to overtake me.  

Write about my love of futbol.  My love for Futbol Club Barcelona.  My admiration for the players, their skill, how the ball seem to stick to their feet, their intricate passing, the patience and intelligence of their game….probing for that one gap, creating that one space, for that one goal.  Or two.  Or five (manita!).   Or eight (Almeria).  The genius of Messi.  The genius of Messi.  These things have to be said twice.  Cause once is not enough.  And even were I say to say it a million times, it still would not be enough to fully describe the genius of this little man.  Not enough words to encompass the talent, the skill and the character of this one man.  But he alone is not the team.  What can I say about Iniesta?  Who has even better close control of the ball than Messi, if that were possible.  His silky touch,  his ability to keep the ball glued to his feet and elude five defenders on top of him.  The music to Xavi’s conducting.  Xavi.  The conductor.  The visionary.  Who finds the gap, who creates opportunities where there is none – with his perfect passing, timing and field sense.  Puyol.  The brave.  The beast.  The Lionheart.

I could go on and on.  And live in the dreamland where I reside when I watch their games.  But reality beckons.  I have other things to do.  Which I better do now so that I can watch the last El Clasico of the season.  Four clasicos in eighteen days is too much.  There is too much morbo between the clubs and its supporters for the games to be the footballing spectacle they were meant to be.   But I don’t think anyone predicted its descent to the utter madness that it has been on and off the pitch.  Thanks mainly to Mourinho and the seeming complicity of the once regal club, Real Madrid.   I have many more things to say about this but it will have to wait for another post.  Today, I pay short tribute to the footballing symphony that my team is and to the sublime joy they give us.

I hope that football will redeem itself today.  That there will be a wonderful game between two skilled, worthy opponents and not between violent, petulant children.  Most of all, I would like for us to win.  Of course.  VISCA BARCA!!!

Aren’t the cupcakes just adorable?!


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