I Sat Under a Cherry Blossom Tree

2011/05/08 § 162 Comments

And got lost in the profusion.

Which I almost missed, but not quite.

That this abundance comes straight out of the barrenness of winter is the wonder of it.  The blossoms do not slowly come out, one by one, like flowers from the ground.  No, it is cluster upon cluster of blooms perched heavily or hanging languidly off the branches.  All at once.  The white ones so like pure snow.  An umbrella of white beneath blue skies.  Breathtaking and joyful, whatever color they are.  I am compelled to go under the tree and breathe in it when I see one.  And laughter wells up from deep within.

But just as swiftly as it appears is as swiftly it departs.  The cherry blossom lingers just long enough to make us smile.

I sat under a cherry blossom tree today.

I sat on the grass and looked up.  So pink against the blue sky.  So beautiful.  But waning.  I was a week late.  I watched as the breeze blew petals off the tree.  Petals falling gently to the ground.  Petals falling gently on me.  And I watched as people shook the branches for petals to rain on them.  And they danced and laughed under petal showers.

As beautiful as the cherry blossom is in its youthful blush…. it is so too in its dying days.  The soothing comfort of its falling petals as immense as the joyfulness of its intense splendor.

Can one ever tire of sitting under a cherry blossom tree?



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