Record Stores, Chess Shops, Art Galleries, Tea Stalls, Weinbar

2011/05/10 § 2 Comments

It’s always a pleasure to have a friend visit as it gives me the chance to wander into places in the city I haven’t been to or have woefully overlooked.  I also discover new things which I hope to try in the coming days.  Sake and Chocolate tasting, anyone?!

We dropped by a Record Store in the West Village and remember the days when these were so treasured.  Not just the music in the albums but the album covers as well.  It wasn’t so long ago (well, okay…several decades ago) when you had to tune in twenty-four hours to hear your favorite songs on the radio.  Or call and beg a radio station to play them for you.  Or find a friend who has the latest and the greatest albums and turn up the charm so you can borrow.

We also saw a Chess Shop selling all kinds of weird and wonderful pieces.  Robin Hood and his Band of Merry Men against the Sheriff of Nottingham and his cohorts?  Check.  King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table?  Check.  Bahaus figures?  Yup.  Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa?  Yep.  Futbol, Hockey and Auto Racing?  Yes.  Alice in Wonderland?  Sherlock Holmes?  Yes, yes, yes!  There are also tables at the back where you can play and pit your genius against fellow afficionados.

Then we dropped by an Art Gallery in Soho exhibiting beautiful countryscapes, met the painter and  learned new things about techniques, expressionism and impressionism.

We walked to a Street Market with stalls selling embroidered blankets from Central Asia and fragrant, colorful looseleaf teas and other interesting and novelty items.

Finally, we met up with more friends at Seasonal Restaurant and Weinbar and spent many loud and laughter-filled hours sampling refined Austrian cuisine and reminiscing about past adventures and antics.

Can’t wait for many more friends to be in town  (Joy A? Lerms? Rissa? Carol?)...



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§ 2 Responses to Record Stores, Chess Shops, Art Galleries, Tea Stalls, Weinbar

  • I love record shops. There a goldmine for out of print records and well, slightly less than legal recordings.

    Nice post. There is something wonderful about wandering around a city with a friend and discovering all those little enclaves and stores you would never normally see or visit.

    • Yes, love record shops. Even just looking at the album jackets remind me of the songs and events of that particular era. It is nice to walk around with friends and discover new places…

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