Wisteria and Lilac

2011/05/14 § 8 Comments

I am in love with these pink and purple hued blooms.  One from a trailing vine and the other from a tree/bush.

I don’t recall when I first saw Wisterias but I remember it most from my trip to Giverny many, many years ago.  Le Pont Japonais was fairly groaning under its weight.  Masses and masses of it adorned the trellised roof and trailed down in a riotous curtain of lavender blooms.  The green japanese bridge with the lavender veil amidst weeping willows and bamboo wood is the loveliest sight from across le bassin aux nympheas (the waterlily pond).

I have since been longing to have a garden with a gazebo, or a bridge or an archway covered in it…

As for Lilacs – I used to live by a big, beautiful park by the river and would walk around whenever I can.   Come springtime, I was arrested by a sweet and powdery fragrance.  It took me a while to realize that it came from the beautiful pink and white and purple lilac trees.  When I did, I made sure to go and tarry under the trees as often as I could to inhale the fragrant air.

It’s the wonderful, wonderful scent of spring.

There are no wisterias or lilacs where I live now…so was quite happy to linger amongst the blooms at the the Botanical Garden last weekend.



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