Dreaming of Fez, Marrakesh and Casablanca…

2011/05/30 § 13 Comments

I hope to visit Morocco someday…

(to see the birthplace of Ibi Affelay)

In the meantime, I feed my yearning by frequenting this lovely Moroccan-inspired restaurant in my neighborhood.  Not only does it satisfy my craving for couscous, falafel and spicy merguez sausage, it also always transports me to an exotic place of warmth and adventure.  

I love the ornate lamps and the burlap-tented ceiling, as well as the banquet seating filled with colorful throw pillows.  At night especially, the indoor tented area is compellingly sexy and mysterious.

In summertime, the garden is filled with chirping birds and the wonderful scent of roses…




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§ 13 Responses to Dreaming of Fez, Marrakesh and Casablanca…

  • niasunset says:

    This is so beautiful, I mean your blog and your photographs, I dream to visit one day Morocco, too! I love Morocco culturel and traditional arts. Thank you for shaaring with us, aand I hope and wish you to make it real one day. Greetings and Love, nia

  • Daniel Agnew says:

    Your photography cuisine looks divine as ever! When I went travelling in my early twenties with my now (ex) girlfriend, I went to Tangiers, Fez and Marrakech. Fez is like a bible story. There were no cars or trucks, just passing donkeys carrying cargo, screaming children, teenage boys and pockets of women dressed in traditional purple veils. At night it was so loud that it was like thousands of hungry starlings had come to roost. It’s a fantastic place to visit, especially if you start off from Moorish Spain, which gives you a flavour of things to come!

    • Wow. I super envy you. I would dearly love to go to Morocco someday and live like in biblical times.

      Yes of course, will drop by Moorish Spain too. One is not supposed to die without having seen the Alhambra.

  • Daniel Agnew says:

    The Alhambra is possibly my most favourite place on this dear earth. It’s truly beautiful. Napoleon armies used it as a jail in the 18th century and tried to blow it up. Luckily for us – they failed 🙂

  • Daniel Agnew says:

    Oh I think you could go anytime between March/April to October. Andalucia is generally hot, dry and dusty for about 8 months of the year. Therefore they express have a love and appreciation of water, which makes for spectacular gardens and fountains. Beautiful part of the world.

    • Hmm. Will try to go when it’s coolest between those months. The reason why I balk at going to Spain is because I don’t like it when it’s too hot. Even Paris is ugly to me in summer.

      I would dearly love to see the fountains of Alhambra and smell the orange trees….

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  • Sheetal says:

    Looks so relaxing!
    I guess its a perfect place to unwind after a long hard day..
    great clicks!

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