My Perfect Sunday

2011/06/04 § 2 Comments

A whole morning spent lazing in bed is a perfect start to a perfect Sunday…

And reading the Sunday papers on a stoop if I only had a stoop…but I don’t

Instead, I happily squabbled with J over “draft picks” for our Game of Thrones teams.  I started reading the books while he watched the shows and we decided to choose characters we want on our side.  I originally chose Bran, Tyrion and Gendry – thinking that Gendry had more purpose than to prove that Baratheons have black hair.  While J chose Jon Snow, Daenerys and Arya.  Having only read a few chapters then, I asked to change my third pick although I had to pick someone a bit weak because I changed.  I chose Sir Barristan Selmy.  J’s fourth choice was Varys and mine was Sam Tarly.  So there you go – I had a cripple, a dwarf, an old knight and a craven for my team.  J had the Lord Commander of the Nightwatch, the Dragon Queen, a blind lady (perhaps going to be a Faceless One), and the head of the Spiders.

This went on til it was time to drop by the church to give thanks for the myriad blessings bestowed.  Good health and safety for family, friends and loved ones most of all.

Then a late brunch with a dear friend from out of town.  Many stories and laughter over tomato, basil and mozzarella omelette, eggs benedict, freshly-pressed orange juice and bowlful of coffee.

And in the evening, a trip to Carnegie Hall for a night of lyrical, dreamlike, enchanting music from the Russian pianist, Katya Grineva.   I close my eyes and I hear water trickling from fountains, the pitter-patter of raindrops, moonlit nights, days of yearning, stormy seas, young sweet love …

Then it’s back home with a smile on my face and a prayer of thanks for another lovely day.



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§ 2 Responses to My Perfect Sunday

  • I love “The Game of Thrones.” HBO Has been putting out some really great series and mini-series the past decade or so.

    • Yes. I watch TV on and off since there were years that I don’t have TV at all but I followed True Blood and I really liked it. Game of Thrones is very interesting too. I read the books first and the TV series doesn’t deviate much from the books. Can’t wait for the fifth book to come out 😀

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