Ferries, Picnics, Ponies and Bubblies

2011/06/07 § 5 Comments

It’s picnic and polo Sunday!

A whole morning and afternoon spent in ferries, splayed on grass, gripped with excitement, feasting on fabulous food  and baking under the sun.

Even waiting for the ferry is fun.  

Everyone rushing to line up with their picnic bags and basket, dressed in all sorts of fascinating attires.  Women in five-inch high wedges, short flowery skirts, maxi dresses, hot pants, kaftans, demi-boots, fascinators, fedoras, cloches, tiny parasols.  Men in white linen suits, madras shorts, orange bowties, navy blue jackets, boat shoes, loafers, seersuckers, pink belts, red faded pants, tall hats with feathers.  Name it.

Then we were on board…chugging away, past lower Manhattan buildings.  On to the brick houses, grassy knolls, massive fort and colorful trolleys at Governor’s Island.

The picnic ground was filled with umbrellas and loungers, mats and blankets, picnic hampers and tons of food of all kinds.  Our spread consisted of baguettes and prosciuttos and chorizos and brie and gouda and cold soba noodles.  Melons, grapes, strawberries.  Gauffrettes and cherry pies.  Neighbors around us had hummus, pita, pasta, chicken, fries, edamame, siopao, popcorn, terrines, caviar, blinis.   The works.  Yumm.

And champagne.  The ground was overflowing with bottles and glasses of Veuve Cliquot.  The event sponsor.

Everyone was eating, drinking bubbly, napping, sunbathing, chatting, playing cards, outfit-watching, while waiting for the polo match to start.

And the match begins!


Divot stomping on the field

Second half resumes

Nacho rides by the crowd during the break

One more chukka

And it’s over!

The players salute the crowd after the match and receive their warm round of applause

Time to pack up the picnic mats and baskets

And board the ferry back home.

Til the next lovely picnic day…



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