A Japanese Garden

2011/06/15 § 8 Comments

I’ve had a lifelong fascination with everything Japanese.

My parents used to leave me in the care of my Japanese grandmother when I was very young.  {If you’re wondering how I have a Japanese grandmother, she’s the wife of my paternal grandfather’s youngest uncle.}  I would play with her japanese dolls, marvel at her  beautiful kimonos, walk around in her geta  wooden japanese shoes, listen to her japanese music, drink tea and slurp noodles noisily with her.

In addition to this, my highschool bestfriend lived and spent many holidays in Japan and would bring home all these exquisite or quirky things from her trips – notebooks, pencils, folders, shoes, shirts.  Japanese food, books, pottery abound in her house, which I frequented.

I was increasingly drawn to their lifestyle, their art, their produce and have always wanted to experience living in a Japanese house and being in Japanese gardens.

I love gardens of all kinds but Japanese gardens have a different attraction.   More than the aesthetic beauty, their form and design invite some kind of contemplation, philosophical or otherwise.  I love that they are abstract, assymetrical and always reveal something hidden or unusual.  Rocks and stones remind one of mountains and raked gravel and sand simulates the feeling of water.  Winding pathways open up to wider vistas or to a shinto house.  The water feature – lake, fall, stream or tiny fountain soothes and calms…

 So I’m always happy to spend time in a Japanese Garden when I find one, which I did a couple of weeks ago…

How is it that I’ve traveled to so many countries, yet have not gone to visit Japan?



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